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Are the house outdoors safe during the coronavirus? Yes, but...

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Staying inside the home is essential through this challenging time, but this doesn't mean you can't go to your outdoor space. Your patio, pool, backyard, or front yard are great options to stay healthy. Some precautions have to be taken, but it's worth it; in the end, there is nothing better than fresh air and sunlight.

Here at Orlando Pool and Patio by Design, we highly encourage using the outdoor house spaces as an option to keep our minds and bodies fresh. Maybe for a work or school Zoom session or to simply check your emails, your patio, or any outdoor space could be the best place to do it. The social distance is the most crucial key in the COVID-19 battle, so your outdoor space is a safe spot.

The backyard could be a better solution than the couch, and a few physical activities in your yard could benefit you and your family's health.

Usually, the virus doesn't stay suspended in the air, and consequentially the droplets tend to fall to the ground. Therefore, the Social Distancing rule of six feet away from others is fundamental.

Just remember to practice proper hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, avoid closure to neighbors or people outside your household, and don't touch your face. Try to make it a habit.

Enjoy your house outdoors and be safe!.

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